How to Install

-Go to your userfolder (this is the folder where your mods folder is) Once in the user folder, go into /vehicles/pickup and delete any files or folders related to DFA (e.g. "Cat", "400", "Accessories", "Charro", etc) 

(Only applies to those who have had DFA before, if you're new skip this part)

-While in your userfolder, delete the temp folder. 

(This will not remove any game files, and is simply a quicker and easier way of clearing your cache)

-Download all necessary files (Under a link in my Discord Server)
Files required:

Other Files are optional and not required for mod functionality

Optional Files:

-Install all files to mods folder
(mods/repo folder works fine too!) 

If you have any problems downloading the mods, direct yourself here for help.