Cartmill River Estates, Texas

Cartmill River Estates is my first ever scratch made map, based roughly on a rural community in the Pineywoods of Texas.
The map includes only two paved roads (including the main highway), roughly 35 dirt roads and over 300 unique properties.

The size is ~3.6 Sqaure Miles~

The map is currently Work-In-Progress and not released anywhere.

The main purpose of the map is RP with my homies, due to this, I'm not sure if I even will release it. 

My next planned map is related to this one, being a neighboring city to Cartmill, in the same fictional county of Maury.


Cartmill River Estates is on Texas State Highway 143 approximately sixty miles northeast of Houston in south Maury County.
In 1847, Earl Tompson established a community called Rayfield about a mile south of the present site of Cartmill.
The settlement was originally known as Ray's Field, after an early settler named Wallace Rayfield. The town was moved closer to it's present location in 1854 and became a steamboat landing on the Tyler River. Several sawmills were established, and the post office existed by 1850. A group of Indians originating from Louisiana lived nearby, and used Rayfield as a trading site. Rayfield also served during the Civil War as a staging area for Confederate troops.  Yet the community remained small, as other riverports captured the steamboat trade. In 1880 the post office was discontinued. However, a new post office was opened in 1918, renamed to Cartmill after its postmaster, Henry Cartmill. Oil was found in the area in 1955, and more substantial returns were made from discoveries in 1968. The population, estimated to be 45 in the mid-1940s and took off between then and 2000, is now estimated to be 600.