Wtf even is DFA Pack?

D-Series Facelifts & Accessories Pack, DFA-Pack for short.

Created by iRetr0x, the DFA pack is a large and well-known mod in the BeamNG Truck Community.
Most known for it's massive amount of content and chevy-esque parts,
the mod also has a ton of other accessories, parts and love put into it. 

This mod is not "just a d-series with a different grille".
This mod has over 800 selectable parts, 150+ configs, more lore than the game itself
and rivals the Vertex in being the most customizable mod in the entirety of BeamNG.

Now although many people do love the pack, it is still a work-in-progress mod that may contain bugs and update times are pretty slow, because when you have this much content and you're just one person, things take longer than expected. With that being said, I do still plan on making the pack free when it's 100% finished, and I have made estimated date ranges before but none of them are reliable.
It is still being worked on one day at a time, nearly every day that is. For the true fans who are patient, the wait will pay off.

This site was created for BeamNG players to find info about the mod "DFA Pack" and see what's in the latest updates.



Cat Updates & Remaster

400 Update