Codename: "RRPP"

This project is something I work on off and on, partially aims to make other vanilla cars feel less devoid of life in the same way that DFA Packdid with the interior trash and other miscellaneous stuff. But "RRPP" stands for Retro's Random Part Pack, so anything I get the random urge to make will be included in this mod.  And it will most likely get pretty regular updates.

The picture(s) below should give a general idea of what to expect quality/quanity wise.

First release for Patreons: Released currently

Highway Haze


"sir you can't park there"

"Ladies, ladies, one at a time please"

Jim, Retro and the adventures of the sawzaw

A car, a guitar, and a dream.

Soliad Lansdale: Adventures of the Beercan and Sawzaw.

"i can finally cut my grass after 7 years"

Various props

Various Spawnable props (constantly growing)

Floor mats


Rockstar Games - most of the prop models 

Limitlesspain - 2 grilles, a set of tires and 1 bumper for the T-Series

SiSL - some interior accessory models for the T-Series

SCS Software/American Truck Simulator - Steering wheels, 389 parts and interior, and some misc props

Highly recommend prop mods & packs to combine with RRPP: