DFA Early Access v5.4 Changelog

March 31, 2023 Update:  5.4

The OBS Takeover.

The 400 Series was the first thing to come to the pack, got ignored the whole time, and as we've made it to the very last major content update, the 400 series has finally received the love it always needed in this remaster, and will be the last content update to come just as it was the first. After 4 months of development, I proudly present the biggest update to come to this mod. 


NEW VEHICLE: Gavril OBS Pickup Trucks

Quick Notices and Warnings

Not all of the new parts are compatible with each other despite having the ability to be used together, I recommend testing different part combos to see what works and what doesn't.

As there is a LOT of new content, I do not advise low-end users to play with DFA due to potential FPS drops, but just a warning and of course you can use the mod. I currently experience 0 lag so I hope that's the case for all of you.
For those of you on modland, kys retards

Not everything is done yet, do not expect EVERYTHING to work perfectly or be bug free. I do not need bug reports on unfinished content that I already know is unfinished. With that being said, some content may be unfinished or missing due to premature-release but there's more than enough finished content to hold until the following hotfix/polish update. (if leakers don't ruin it)

Hugeeee thanks to everyone who had a part in this update, and thanks to all of my Patreon subs for making it possible.
Be sure to pay attention to the rest of the changelog and enjoy the content!


Over 70+ Factory configs 1988-1998 (up to 2001 for certain configs)

Various Aftermarket / OEM+ / Custom configs (20+)

Various Movie/TV based configs

Configs include year & other indicators for easy-to-see config info

⮞ At the point of v5.4 release, not all of the configs are done

3rd party mods required for configs

RR Wheel Pack (link here)

Pickup IRS Mod (link here)

Exterior Parts



2, 3, 4 door cabs (-Single / Ext / Crew-)2 & 4 door SWB SUV bodies (-Charro / Inferno / Grande / Acacia-)4 door LWB SUV Body (-Kentarch-)


FleetSide, SportSide, DuallyTailgates with various Trim/Lettering options

Badges & Trim 

Includes badges for all model counterparts, including sport decals, regular old "C-x500" and more

Cab Badges 

LX, LXT, Salvador, Osborn, Comanche, Roadsport, SX, SXT and more

New Hoods

Cowl, Scooped


Early, Late, Fleet in 5 different sub-slotted finishes  Lore & IRL Badges (Assorted Colors)


Heavy Duty, Sport & Standard in 5 different sub-slotted finishes  Extended Bumper (-Lowered for upfit frame-)

Turn Signals 

Various Factory & Aftermarket Options


Various Factory & Aftermarket Options

Functional Windshield Wipers

Working wipers w/ cabin controls on wheel stalkVariable speeds


Halogen white/yellow and xenon blue

Tail lights

Factory, Tinted, Aftermarket, Filler 

Openable Doors/Hoods

 NOTICE: This is an Experimental Feature, and may not work properly on all setups. Will be updated and improved when Beam v0.28 releases.

Remastered Service Bed

Fully Scratch JBeam by me including all props, addons and the base bed itself (-Thanks to multiple for helping me learn JBeam-)Openable Cabinet Doors done by RenAzuma66 (-Durham Guy-)Mulitple Taillight / Lighting OptionsRacks/Cages/AddonsSkin-Support (-Includes a few skins thanks to Top Tier Studios-)Compatible with vanilla 'Old Paint' SkinPreset loads for industrial, construction, roadwork, waterwork and more! (-prop models taken from GTA, thanks RockStar for variety!-) NOTICE: When using the loads, be cautious as they can become unstable or may drop your FPS, just a warning though as they worked fine in testing.Includes greenbox bin from pigeon for street cleaning

Upfit Frame

Blinis Shocks

Factory 4x4 Sport Suspension

Assorted Wheels

8-Lug Heavy-Duty Wheels2x4 & 4x4 WheelsChrome vanilla steelies

DFA 45 Degree Rear Exhausts for all frames (only actually on the single and crew but i will fix dw)

Customizable Tips and sound

400 Factory Twin exhaust for all frames 

Cosmetic & Accessories

Lung Bodykits & Apearance Parts

Revamped Racerback (-Selectable Designs and Finishes-)Elegance & Deluxe Bodykits [-Under fender flare & running board slots-]Taillight and Window CoversLeather bed covers

Hood Bug Shields / Wind Deflectors

Black, Brown, Chrome, Tan

Running Boards & Side Steps

Half & Full-Lenth Grandpa Steps (-Diamond Plated - Sold by Lung-)Small StepsOverhauled Tubular (-Now includes Black and painted versions!-)

Bed Rails

Reflective Construction Stripes on Tailgate

Different Styled Marker lights (Tailgate)

And more! 

Redesigned from the ground up, the OBS, or"400" Series pickups are the most customizable vehicles in a D-Series mod ever.


Interior Parts

Early & Late Dashboards

Square Dash - Includes busted version! [-20 Factory Color Options-]Round Dash - Optional passenger safety until 97 [-9 Factory Color Options-] [-WIP-]

Various Gauges Options

Factory 88-91 Moon Gauges (-Includes a 110mph ver for RoadSport-) Factory 91-94 Needle Gauges (-W or w/o tach-) Aftermarket DigitalAftermarket Analog Beam's Race DigiDash All factory gauges have optional broken parts, stuck lights, selectable colors and gear indicators➢ [-At the point of v5.4 release, not all gauges are complete or polished-]

⮞ Note: at the point of v5.4 release, interiors are not complete nor polished. Please do not report bugs on the matter as the interiors are a high priority and will be completed & bug tested.

Ignition/Startup Chimes

Different Sound Options, including factory, restomod/retrofit and custom

Tunable Volume


Headlight / Ignition / Wipers / Foglight / Hood release / Parking-Brake / RadioCustom Switches with various functions

Bucket & Bench Seats

Late & EarlyVinyl & Cloth60/40 SetupsCustom VinylCaptain's ChairsComanche and Osborn specificConsole Bench and other goodiesCenter-Console Option for single bucket seats (-Under passenger seat-)Seat Covers and misc seat junkVanilla Racing and off-road seatsBomber SeatsMost of the seats Fold with a trigger and the front can be slid back/forth in tuning menu Notice: this feature is not perfect, use with care⚠ Notice: when selecting seats for the first time, prepare yourself because there are a ton of options and may be overwhelming for some.

Floor mats 

Factory, Racing, Cheap, Camo, Full-Length and more

Assorted Interior Junk + Accessories

Various preset trash and junk options to add to the immersionVarious drinks for Interior Cup HoldersVarious Subwoofers and audio setupsCustom CB Radio (Assorted colors)Custom Steering Wheels (With customization features)Rear-View Mirror Dice & Trees (-Credit to Maty on BeamForums for letting me add these to the mod!-)Aftermarket Pod GaugesAftermarket Billet PartsDash StickersSliding Ashtray with optional used cancer sticks (-slide Left/Right with tuning menu-)

Radio & A/C Controller options

Functional/Working Radio  (-code taken from Gavril Vertex with permission-) [-Click me for Music install guide-]Base model / Mid Trim / High Trim TunersCassette LoaderCubby hole replacementsUsed radiosGeneric CB RadiosCarplay ScreensName-brand & Custom Tuners/Players/RecieversSland CD Players / TunersElectronic & Manual A/C ControllersRear A/C Controllers for SUVs

Working Keys & Keychains

🗸 Does the Jiggle JiggleCustomizable  

Working Shifters

Moves when shiftedKnob Options [-INLUDES BEEFARONI CAN-]

Working Range Selector

Moves when shiftedHas a trigger for ease of use

Dealership/Windshield Stickers

Door Panels

Rear-View-Mirror Compass and Environmental Thermometer

NEW VEHICLE: Gavril OBS Inferno & Charro

Off-roader of the decade in the 90s, this fullsized-SUV is one hell of an off-roader, hence the name, Inferno. With either the standard GavraTrac-4WD or the upgraded G71 Package, this SUV will take you where no other would dare lay their tiremarks. Legend has it, the inferno was made straight from hell and could take you back with it, if you wanted.
The Inferno sadly lost it's cool name in 1995 because it was changed to Charro with the introduction of the 4-door version.

Includes exclusive inclinometer and illuminated range selector |  Hell gets dark and rocky Base Comanche Trim w/4.3L V6 and 4WD only (-or G71 Package-)➤ Salvador Trim w/5.7L V8 and 4WD only (-or G71 Package-)➤ Specialized Cargo-Oriented Panel Van configurations➤ C2500 configurations with 5.7L or 7.4L Gasoline V8s (-Diesel options available-)➤ 4WD Sport configurations



4.1L I6 (-Brazilian models-)

4.8L I6 (-Brazilian models-)

4.3L V6

5.0L V8 (-305 CUI-)

5.7L V8 (-350 CUI-)

6.2L Ohio Diesel V8 

6.3L Crate V8 (-383 CUI-)

6.5L TurboDiesel V8

7.4L V8 (-454 CUI-)


Colored/Skinnable Parts (-Primary - Second - Tert-)

Factory TBI, Factory MPFI, Carb, Tunnel-ram, EFI, ITB, turbo & other intake options for gassers

Various Aircleaners and distributors / coils -(and injectors/pumps for diesels!-)

Various Factory and Aftermarket Camshafts (-Realistic Cammed Idle May require self tuning!-)

Factory & Aftermarket Visual Parts (-e.g. Timing and valve covers, waterpump, pullies, etc-)

Optional ECUs/Rev-Limiters [ 4500, 5000, 5600, 6200, 6500, 6700, 7000, Tunable ]

Tunable A/F Ratio for Carbed motors (-May fail to run if tuned improperly, the default value ~14.7~ works for N/A mild cam.-)
⚠ Notice: changing A/F ratio can affect HP, AVG MPG, heat output, exhaust smoke/pops and turbo behavior (Thanks to Inn0centJok3r!)

Old/Damaged Parts that not only reduce power, but make your engine backfire, misfire, run poorly or maybe not run at all

⚠ Notice: when using the old distributors, you need to click R / insert (-reset vehicle position-) for the misfiring to happen

And more!

Factory 171hp 5.0L 

420hp 5.7L

600hp 383cui

NEW VEHICLE: Gavril OBS Kentarch & 4-Door Charro

From the short and verastile to the long and fullfilling, these two suvs have everything you need for not only the utility and work uses of a truck but also the space and comfort for your family of up to 9. Kentarch introduced in '92, 4-door charro in '95.

➤ Base Comanche Trim with 4.3L V6 and optional 4WDSalvador Trim with 5.0 or 5.7L V8 and optional G71 Package or 4WD➤ Specialized Cargo-Oriented Panel Van configurationsC2500 configurations for kentarch only with 5.7L or 7.4L Gasoline V8s (-Diesel options available-)2WD or 4WD Sport configurations



4G60 (-Older Mechanical Version-)

4G80 (-Older Mechanical Version-)

600T2 4-Speed Automatic

GZ45 4-Speed Manual 

TurboThrust-340 3-Speed Automatic 

New-Vegas HD2500 5-Speed Manual 

Added flywheel options to auto transmissions

Added new TCU options to electronically-controlled-tranmissions


GearGuys TTM-420 Built 3-Speed Automatic

GearGuys TTM-420 SpecialSport 3-Speed Automatic

Various New Factory and Aftermarket Clutches and Converters

Case Color option for aftermarket 400 transmissions

NEW VEHICLE: GLD OBS Grande / Acacia

Gavril's Luxury Take on the full-sized 2 door suv platform. Sold as the Grande from 92-95 when it was changed to Acacia to match it's 4-Door sister.

➤ Base Trim w/4.3L V6 and 4WD onlySXT Trim w/5.7L V8 and 4WD only➤ Specialized Cargo-Oriented Panel Van configurations➤ Special GT configurations

Other / Tweaks / Bug Fixes

Added info to part selector names ( i.e. "[Fa]" or "[AF]" for Factory / Aftermarket)

Improved transmission behavior

Made DFA's transmission LUA only affect the D-Series instead of all vehicles

Updated all LUA to work with the latest version of BeamNG

Updated various emissive materials to have PBR bloom

Updated some outdated wheel textures and other outdated materials

Added Hidden Credits and easter eggs throughout the new content, good luck finding them!

Added Cut Cat extended cab and config based off a truck I used to own

Fixed various material conflicts within the mod itself (-Including badge & E-Cat headlight textures-)

Fixed Floating light above cat cab

Fixed Floating light on Cat Charro tailgate

Fixed flatbed skins, materials, taillights and other issues, also added new painted option

Fixed Kentarch/Charro floating wiper

Fixed Cat Charro rear trim being attached to front doors 

Fixed Slammed bed liner clipping with rear wheels 

Removed Cat beater bed (-part of a future mod for rusted/beater parts-)

Removed Aero & Pre-Aero Fascias, bull fascia remains (- Ford content will be remastered in DFA II -)